Who is Sales Autopilot for?

Your business exists because your message is heard.

Who's Your Audience?

From real estate to social campaigns, your message makes an impact, insomuch as it's heard. Click the Take a Test Drive button below to see how Sales Autopilot is making a positive impact for business owners and employees across the globe.

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Communication Is Paramount

When communication breaks down, countries fall. As extreme of an example as civil war is, we'll stand by it. Why? Consider this: Your business must be able to communicate your unique value clearly, because confusion kills sales. Your business can't survive without marketing -- it's the lifeblood of your entire operation.

While that's true, sadly many businesses do not succeed past the first 2 years. We aim to change this with superior communication for prospecting and lead nurturing. Once out of beta, Sales Autopilot will be including additional conversational AI agents to manage lead nurturing campaigns -- not just for prospecting.

This change will provide an avenue for truly connecting on a deeper level with leads and customers for every business, at scale.

Close More Deals for Less

The bottom line is your bottom line. Without growth, your business ceases to operate. Our goal is ensure access to affordable and effective prospecting and relationship-building with existing customers.

With Sales Autopilot, we're making it easy to connect with more people who need the solution, product or service you provide. And we make it easy to say yes, because you can accomplish business automation and scale for less than any other competitor. However, Sales Autopilot is in a league of its own, which you can soon discover by clicking the Take a Test Drive button below.

Sales Autopilot for Virtually Every Industry

*Currently we are in Beta and have functionality built for the real estate investing industry with others coming soon.


Real Estate

We are the #1 platform for real estate agents and investors to reach prospects, turn them into leads, and close deals.


Energy & Utility

Leverage automated lead generation, person-alized communication, and data-driven insights to enhance efficiency and maximize sales.


Staffing & Recruiting

Find the talent looking for the opportunity of a lifetime to live our their calling, not just a career.



Inspire, lead and stay connected with students, parents, and staff. Prospect for new students seeking a bright future with your organization.


Financial Services

Pave the path to your future customer's financial success and maintain trust and FAQ rapport with your existing clients.


Social Impact

Mobilize support for your cause by connecting with other like-minded people for your nonprofits and share your message to make an impact.


IT Service Provider

Automate lead nurturing, streamline communi-cation, and analyze customer data to optimize sales and get new clients faster.


Call Centers

Automate lead management, personalize outreach, and analyze call data to optimize sales and improve customer engagement.


Insurance Agencies

Streamline sales and policy renewals with automated lead nurturing, personalized communications, and data analysis for target-ed marketing campaigns


Business Services

Pave the path to your future customer's business success and maintain trust and FAQ rapport with your existing clients.



Manage and nurture leads, streamline communication, and analyze customer data to optimize sales and increase client acquisition


E Commerce

Streamline online sales and boost conversion rates with automated lead generation and personalized marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What results can I expect from Sales Autopilot?

One of the interesting aspects of utilizing Sales Autopilot is the fact that, the longer you use it, the more productive and profitable it becomes. That’s because 97% of your leads are not ready to buy when they are first contacted. However, perpetual maintenance of top-of-mind awareness, as executed by the system, will dramatically increase your conversion rates. You will also notice a huge increase in the number of relationships that are obtained and maintained automatically by the system.

Do I need a CRM system?

No, you don’t. Sales Autopilot is a done-for-you system. We do all the setup, training of the bots, et cetera.
A CRM system is not necessary. However, if you would like to have the information that Sales Autopilot collects while qualifying a prospect synchronized with your CRM system, we will do that.

How does the system avoid irritating prospects?

Our system "reads" all responses from all of your prospects. In the event, a prospect indicates any degree of negativity, the system will automatically assign that contact to a "do not disturb" folder, and no further contacts of any kind will go to the prospect. These responses are broken into three categories: negative, neutral, and qualified. Only the neutral and qualified leads will be pursued.

How many contacts can the system handle?

The limit hasn’t been approached yet. The unique ability of generative AI to conduct concurrent processing allows us to manage thousands of leads for each company, regardless of the size of the company. This in turn increases your marketing footprint and assures you will compete for more decisions than ever before.

What impact will this have on my current sales team?

The great news is the answer to this question is zero impact on selling time. The only time any member of your team will get involved with any contacts generated and/or maintained by Sales Autopilot is when the prospect has been qualified and they have agreed to book an appointment with you. Sales Autopilot will automatically put that appointment into your calendar and coordinate dates and times with your prospects. More leads with more selling time means more revenue and profit for you and your company.

What about my current customers?

This is another area where Sales Autopilot shines. We know that most customers are not invited to up-sell or cross-sell opportunities as often as desirable. Current customers are rarely asked to give referrals. In both of these cases, Sales Autopilot will make sure that all of your existing customers are invited to come back to you and buy more/additional products and services. Furthermore, all of your existing customers will be asked, on a regular basis, to provide you with referrals.

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